Exercise 2.4 - Compare S1, S2 To Delete Same Character in S1


Write an alternative version of squeeze(s1,s2) that deletes each character in s1 that matches any character in the string s2.


Let’s take the two inputs strings as:

s1: HelloWorld

s2: ol

Our desired output is:


This has removed the characters o and l from the first string. The way squeeze works is, it take each character from the first string and if there is no match found, stores it with a new index k. If there is a match found in s2, it simply skips it. The way it skips is realized by the following:

for(j=0; (s1[i]!=s2[j]) && s2[j]!='\0' ;++j)
    s1[k++] = s1[i];

When the match is found s1[i] == s2[j] so our first for loop will end. The second if condtion will fail too as s2 is not iterated till the end, so we do not place the character in s1[k++] and we have successfully skipped it.