Struct Example


Using the structure module in python for serialization and deserialization.



    Demonstrate the way the struct module works.

   One can access substrings of a string in a arbitrary manner while using the
   struct module. This is mostly useful when dealing with byte level
   programming required in embedded systems or while using sockets.

   Python cookbook perhaps.
import struct
theline = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."
# Get a 5-byte string, skip 3, get two 8-byte string, then all the rest:
baseformat = '5s 3x 8s 8s'
# by how many bytes does theline exceed the length implied by this
# base-format ( 24 bytes in this, but struct.calcsize is general)
numremain = len(theline) - struct.calcsize(baseformat)
# complete the format with the appropriate 's' field, then unpack
format = '%s %ds' % (baseformat, numremain)
l, s1, s2, t = struct.unpack(format, theline)
print l
print s1
print s2
print t
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