Sorting Ex1


Demonstrate sorting and the use of key parameter.


**Multi-level sorting in Python.**

    Suppose you have student tuple with elements name, age and grade. You got to
    sort them by age first and then by their grade.

    It is easily accomplished by multi-level sorting using the *key* attribute
    of the sort function and using operator modules itemgetter function which
    can take multiple values.
import operator

list_of_students = [("James",42,"A"), ("Harry",18,"A"), ("Haddock",50,"B"), ("TinTin",20,"A")]
print list_of_students
# [('James', 42, 'A'), ('Harry', 18, 'A'), ('Haddock', 50, 'B'), ('TinTin', 20, 'A')]

list_of_students = sorted(list_of_students, key=operator.itemgetter(1))
print list_of_students
# [('Harry', 18, 'A'), ('TinTin', 20, 'A'), ('James', 42, 'A'), ('Haddock', 50, 'B')]

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